jib Crane

Jib Crane

1          System Description & Scope / Equipment for Crane

1.1          System Description


Lifting Capacity                                                        : at 27 m working radius 20.000 kgs

Lifting Moment                                                        : 750 metricton

Max Outreach Distance                                          : 27 m (Main Hoist)

Hoisting speed at full load                                      : 12 m/min  Without load : 24 m/min

Lifting speed                                                            : 180 sec.

Slewing speed                                                          : 0-2 rev/min

Power supply (without neutral)                            : 3X400V, 50Hz, 3 wires 


1.1.1        CRANE CONTROL


The crane is manufactured according to SOLAS and IMO regulations.

The crane is cab controlled with proportional hydraulic system.Hydraulic control valves in the machine room.





Each hydraulic circuit is provided with equipment for limiting hydraulic pressure to present values corresponding to the crane capacity.



1.1.3        SAFETY SYSTEMS


-Emergency stop,

-Overload protection of all motions by overload relief valves,

-Hydraulic hook stop in upper position,

-Load holding valve on the hydraulic luffing cylinder,

-Overload protection, all motions will be protected against overload by individual safety valves,

-Low oil level will be indicated visually on the oil level gauge on the HPP. When oil level to be low, electric motor will stop automaticly.




Slewing is provided by Planetary gearbox with hydraulic motor.

Having 0- 2.0 rpm slewing speed.

360° slewing is supplied.

Foundation is to be bolted.






Drum steel structure is provided with a safety system.

Hoisting reduction is provided with planet gearing and driven by  hydraulic motor.

The wire rope is of the non- rotating type and galvanized.

The wire sheaves are provided with heavy duty bronze bearings on strength steel axles.All bearings have grease nipple lubrication.

Winch Capacity                     : 5000 kgs

Wire Rope Diameter is        : 22 mm

Drum capacity                       : 400 m.

Pulley                                     : 1 / 4

Speed                                     : 48 m/min

Level Luffing system            : ok






Pump Delivery                                  :2* 120 l/min

Hydraulic Tank Capacity                  : 1500 litres

Working Pressure                            : 270 bars

E -Motor Power                                : 110 kW -1800 rpm-380V-50Hz

Enclosure of motors                        : Cast Iron

Motor enclosure Type                     : Semi enclosed drip proof construction

Terminal Box             Material         : Steel

Isolation class                                   : F

Protection Class                               : IP-56

Oil level indicator                            : YES

Suction filter                                    : YES

Return Filter                                     : YES

Humidity Protection                        : OK


1.1.7        STEEL STRUCTURE


The steel quality is selected in accordance with the classification societies recommendation to obtain necessary ductility for the lower temperature design limit.

All important weldings are carried out in accordance with welding procedure.

After welding a certain amount of NDT control is carried out. Boom meterial is high Steel (Yield Stress 350-700 N/mm2) and boom type is lattice. Foundation is designed according to max. load.




SA 2,5 sand blasting and metalizing before one coat, two pack epoxy primer.



1.1.9        Cab


Full vision, all steel fabricated with acoustical lining and tinted safety glass throughout.

Deluxe seat incorporates armrest-mounted electric dual-axis controllers.

Dash panel in-corporates gauges for all engine functions. Other standard features include: hot water heater , cab circulating air fan, sliding side and rear windows, sliding skylight with electric wiper and sunscreen, electric windshield wash/wipe, fire extin- guisher and seat belt.


1.1.10    Load Moment & Anti-Two Block System


Standard “Graphic Display” load moment and anti-two block system with audio-visual

warning and control lever lockout. These systems provide

electronic display of boom angle, length, radius, tip height, relative load

moment, maximum permissible load, load indication and warning of

impending two-block condition. The standard Work Area Definition System allows the

operator to pre-select and define safe working areas. If the crane approaches the pre-set limits, audio-visual warnings aid the operator in avoiding job-site obstructions.