Amphibious Excavator

Amphibious Excavator

Bucket Capacity                                                         : 0,4 cum

Digging Depth                                                            : 7500 mm

Reach on Ground                                                        : 13180 mm

Digging Height                                                           : 12950 mm

Dumping Height                                                         : 11080 mm

Stowed Height                                                            : 4000 mm

Operating Water Depth                                              : 1000 mm

Overall Machine Width (Fully Retracted)                  : 4200 mm

Overall Machine Width (Fully Extended)                  :5500 mm

Ground Clearance                                                       :1000 mm

Travel Speed                                                               :4 kmh

Gradient                                                                      : 30 deg



Motor Power                                                             : 120 kW- 2200 rpm

Motor Country                                                            : Cummins or eq

4 Stroke -6 cyclinder, Turbocharged,Direct injection,Water cooled,Diesel Engine,

Fuel Tank                                                                    : 600 Liters


Electrical system                                                                          :2*12 V – 110Ah – Two 12 V – maintenance                                                            free batteries. 24 V starting and lighting. CanBus Diagnostic system.

Electrical System                                                                              : Siemens,Scnheider or eq


Hydraulic System

Pump : 2*210  l/min Axial Piston type ( Parker-Rexrothe or eq)

Travel Motor : Brewini or Eaton or Eq. ( Italy)


Amphibious Excavator


Slewing is provided by Planetary gearbox with hydraulic motor.

Having 0-10 rpm slewing speed.

360° slewing is supplied.

Foundation is to be bolted.


UnderCarriage With side Pontoon and Spud Leg

Pontoon : Watertight type and Axial piston drive system. Have inspection menhole.

Ever Pontoon have Triple stands track chain.Roller type.

Design criteria is to be Protect from outerside material .

Track shoes made by High density Polyethylene material.

Material will be used Hardox 400.

Crossbeam spud leg is to be mounted on pontoon.

ACR ( Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant ) Steel plate will be used.



The crane is manufactured according to SOLAS and IMO regulations.

The crane is operated via hydraulic valves with proportional control (levers). Hydraulic control valves will be delivered as loose as to be placed a seperate column near the crane.

Pressure indicator, oil level indicator, emergency stop button and HPU start/stop buttons will be placed on the Hydraulic power unit..


Operator Cabin :

All steel fabricated with acoustical lining and tinted safety glass throughout. Deluxe seat incorporates armrest-mounted electric dual – axis controllers. Dash panel incorporates gauges for all engine functions. Tilt steering wheel, cab circulating air fan, sliding side and rear windows, sliding skylight with electric wiper and sunscreen, electric windshield wash / wipe. Voice alarm

Slewing stop system

Outrigger detector

Boom load holding valve system

Over hoist prevent system

Automatic brake all planetary system

Slewing lock

Hydraulic oil temp warning



Each hydraulic circuit is provided with equipment for limiting hydraulic pressure to present values corresponding to the crane capacity.



-Emergency stop,

-Overload protection of all motions by overload relief valves,

-Hydraulic hook stop in upper position,

-Load holding valve on the hydraulic luffing cylinder,

-Overload protection, all motions will be protected against overload by individual safety valves,

-Low oil level will be indicated visually on the oil level gauge on the HPP. When oil level to be low, electric motor will stop automaticly.




Cylinders are double acting type and cylindertube is produced according to DIN 2391 standart. All hoses and fittings suitable for system working pressure and flow rate.

Hydraulic cyclinders 200 microns chrom plated.



The steel quality is selected in accordance with the classification societies recommendation to obtain necessary ductility for the lower temperature design limit.

All important weldings are carried out in accordance with welding procedure.

After welding a certain amount of NDT control is carried out. Boom meterial is high Strength Steel (Yield Stress 400-700-900 N/mm2) and boom section is hegzagonal. Foundation is designed according to max. load.