Foldable Umbrella

Our engineer developed the mechanic membran type umbrella.

Foldable and telesopic type umbrella works with electrical driven and hydraulic driven.

Umbrella size

6×6 m2 ,  8×8 m2 , 10×10 m2 , 14×14 m2 , 16×16 m2


8×8 square meter umbrella

Foldable Umbrella

Umbrella type

Umbrella engineering

Umbrella type

Umbrella 64 sqm


  1. hi my name is jimmy I’m interested in 64sq meter umbrella tent if you please let me know who much coast thanks

    1. I’m interested in umbrella tent

  2. I am interested in this umbrella concept for Australia.
    Please forward indicative pricing for all sizes and possibility of exclusive Australian rights

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