Foldable Umbrella

Our engineer developed the mechanic membran type umbrella.

Foldable and telesopic type umbrella works with electrical driven and hydraulic driven.

Umbrella size

6×6 m2 ,  8×8 m2 , 10×10 m2 , 14×14 m2 , 16×16 m2


8×8 square meter umbrella

Foldable Umbrella

Umbrella type

Umbrella engineering

Umbrella type

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I received your information over large umbrella, foldable over Linkedin.
    Very interesting
    Kindly send me further details like top view of this umbrella system and data sheet.
    How much does cost 12 units 6x6m square shape, motorized. PTFE fabric, Alternative acrylic .
    Delivery time?

    Which Service for planning do you provide?
    3D drawing ? Rendering ?

    Best regards
    Thierry Feike

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