Telescopic Crawler Crane

Technical Specification


10m – 35 m four-section, synchronized full power boom.

Maximum tip height: 48 m.

2-Fixed Swingaway Extension

7 m offsettable swingaway extension. Offsets at 0° and 30°. Stows alongside base

boom section. Maximum tip height: 48 m.

3-Telescopic Swingaway Extension

7 m – 12 m offsettable telescopic lattice swingaway extension. Offsets at 0° and 30°.

Stows alongside base boom section. Maximum tip height: 48 m.

4-Boom Nose

Three nylatron sheaves mounted on heavy duty tapered roller bearings with removable

pin-type rope guards. Quick reeve type boom nose.

5-Boom Elevation

One double-acting hydraulic cylinder with integral holding valve provides

elevation max 80°.


Full vision, all steel fabricated with acoustical lining and tinted safety glass throughout.

Deluxe seat incorporates armrest-mounted electric dual-axis controllers.Dash panel in-

corporates gauges for all engine functions. Other standard features include: tilt steering

wheel, hot water heater , cab circulating air fan, sliding side and rear windows, sliding

skylight with electric wiper and sunscreen, electric windshield wash/wipe, fire extin-

guisher and seat belt.

7- Load Moment & Anti-Two Block System

Standard “Graphic Display” load moment and anti-two block system with audio-visual

warning and control lever lockout. These systems provide

electronic display of boom angle, length, radius, tip height, relative load

moment, maximum permissible load, load indication and warning of

impending two-block condition. The standard Work Area Definition System allows the

operator to pre-select and define safe working areas. If the crane approaches the pre-set

limits, audio-visual warnings aid the operator in avoiding job-site obstructions.


Single speed, planetary swing drive with foot applied multi-disc wet brake.

Spring applied, hydraulically released swing brake. Single position mechanical house

lock, operated from cab. Maximum speed: 2,0 RPM.


Box section frame fabricated from high-strength, low alloy steel.

Front/rear towing and tie down lugs.



5  t pinned to superstructure.


Technical Specification


11-Hydraulic system

Two main pumps ([1] piston and [1] gear) with a combined capacity of … LPM. Maxi-

mum operating pressure: 280 bar . Three section pressure compensated valve bank.

Return line type filter with full flow by-pass protection and service indicator .

. 500 l. hyd. reservoir . System pressure 280 bars.


12-Hoist Specifications  Main and Auxiliary Hoist 

Planetary reduction with automatic spring applied multi-disc wet brake.

Electronic hoist drum rotation indicators, and hoist drum cable followers.

Maximum Single Line Pull:

Capacity : 5300 kg

Maximum Single Line Speed: 136 m/min

Rope Diameter: 18 mm

Rope Length:

Main Hoist: 200 m

Auxillary Hoist: 200 m

13-Engine (Tier III)

Cummins QSB6.7 EPA Tier3, CARB Tier3, EU stage III, six cylinders, 160 CV, 164 kW (Gross) at 2 200 RPM.

Maximum torque: 945 Nm at 1 500 RPM. 

14-Fuel Tank Capacity

300 L


Hydrostatic drive. Velocity is : 2,5 km/h. 

16-Electrical System

Two 12 V – maintenance free batteries. 12 V starting and lighting. Battery disconnect.

CanBus Diagnostic system.




Full hydraulic split circuit disc-type brakes operating on all wheels.

Spring-applied, hydraulically released parking brake mounted on front axle.




Crawler Type .




Full lighting including turn indicators, head, tail, brake and hazard warning lights.


20-Maximum Speed


2,5 kmh at 2500 r .p.m.