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Our company philosophy focuses on supplying products of the highest quality and fulfilling customer requirements to the highest standards.

Our customers can take advantage of more than 16 years experience in consulting, development, manufacturing and supplying of large Lifting-Hoisting-Transporting Equipments, Industrial and Marine.  We promise the highest quality right from the start.

We continuously improve our internal processes at Üretimpark to avoid and eliminate errors. With these high quality standards we ensure ongoing improvement of all our individual processes.

Sanayi Mahallesi Teknopark Bulvarı , Teknoparkİstanbul/Pendik/İstanbul

Gsm : +90 530 600 66 45

mail : info@uretimpark.com


If you need ,we are here.

Hydraulic,Pnomatic,Electrical Solutions- We supply class approved hydraulic deck crane , Hydraulic deck winch, powering units, Steering & other Hydraulic machinery.



Lifting or Lifting


In marine sector, Hoisting equipment is very important.


Mobile industrial sector, we give services and products.


Company Profile

ÜRETİMPARK ’s future success remains directly connected to the constantly changing global market and the many various new applications using our technology are a big challenge for us.

For ÜRETİMPARK, people- customers as well as employees – play the most important role for our future success.

The ÜRETİMPARK ownership and management team will continue to position the company as a modern, innovative and community conscious enterprise. Our group of motivated employees, the continued development of leading edge technology and our unmatched experience in the LİFTİNG , HOİSTİNG, TRANSPORTİNG marketplace are further proof that you can safely and confidently rely on ÜRETİMPARK for all you LİFTİNG , HOİSTİNG, TRANSPORTİNG requirements.

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