Tree transplanter

The Machine is to be done manoeuvre easily to right and left side where difficult place, as the machine can manoeuvre rear side. The truck is to be come near to tree , outriggers opens and pres after this, the machine trough slewing tower and telescobic booms make sensitive focus for removing and rotating .

The plant process is the same.

Machine blades material has high strength material is XAR 400 ( Thysenn steel) Machine chassis and other eqquipment material is St52 steel.

Auxiliary valves,pump,hydraulic motor is to be used European Based Product.

Blade working ,frame opening,closing,locking,telescobic boom motion, tower slewing,outriggers motion has full hydraulic system are controlled by manual directional valve.

Outriggers have automatic locking valve.

Lifting cylinder has over center valve and pressure safety valve.

Blade frame both sides have balance rubber.

There are water tank and water pump for blade cleaning.

Machine blades is to be joined by bolt for maintenance and failure.

The booms :3 pieces

Material : high strength steel

Section : octagonal

Outriggers :4 units

Front : 2 –hydraulic opens and presses

Rear : 2 –hydraulic opens and presses

Slewing system:planetary gear box with slewing bearing

Slewing angle: contiuonus

Chasis :it is designed against bending and torsion

Hydraulic cyllinder : double acting Cylinder Tube: Din 2391- St 52-3 BK S H8 toleranced

Piston Rod :50 micron crom cover, material Ck 45,F7 toleranced

Hydraulic Hoses: it is suitable for working pressure and working mass flow rate.

Steel Fitting Pipe :St 37-4

Hydraulic Pump: Parker or eq.

Hydraulic Equipment: Casappa,Brewini,Oilcomp, or eq.

Safety: The Machine to be secured by over center valve ,pilot operated check valve, pressure valve against over loading, hoses breakout and waiting long time on load.

Bronzed or spherical Bearing to be used on pinned place.

Tree Transplanter Dimensions

Tree Transplanter