10 tons datasheet

30 tons datasheet

General Dimensions

a.   Overall Length 8650 mm
b.   Overall Width 2450 mm
c.   Overall Height 3150 mm
Grad ability 30˚
Turning radius a. Wheel to wheel: 7.5m
b. Wall to wall: 4.1m
Ground clearance 260 mm
Gross Kerb weight (Crane + Truck) in kg 15500 kg

Telescopic Boom

Type Telescopic
 Boom configuration (Number of Section/sub section) 1 fixed 2 telescopic
Length retracted in meter 7250 mm
Length extended in meter 19.25 m
Extension speed in second 25 sec
Swing system Hydraulic
Swing/rotation angle 360˚
Swing/rotation speed rpm 2.5 rpm
Lifting speed with full load 10m/min
Boom Elevation angle/Boom Derricking angle 0˚ to 80˚

Hoisting Winch

Hoist-Main Winch.
Type Hydraulic
Maximum single line rope pull KN 30 KN
Single Line Speed.
     (1)  High range(Meter/Min) 65 m/min
     (2)  Normal range (Meters/Min) 30 m/min
  Wire Rope.
     (1)  Rope Construction Nu-flex non rotating type
     (2)  Rope Dia 10 mm
     (3)  Rope Length 125 m

Boom Operation

a.  Boom Inclination Boom Degree: -5 to 80
b.  Boom length 7.2m to 19m
c.  Load weight 15 ton
d.  Maximum Load (Maximum load in particular angle with specific length of boom) 12000kgs @ 2.0m radius with 5.5 m Boom outrigger fully extended (4.3 m) 360 degree full range



a.  Type Hydraulic telescopic with control and crane level indicator located in cab.
b. Number 4 Nos
c. Extended width
Min: 2100 mm
d.  Float size diameter 250 mm


 Make and Model Cummins
 Type 4 cylinders, diesel
 Rated HP at rpm Rated Hp 156 and 2600 rpm
Maximum  torque at rated 360 Nm @ 1800 rpm
  Number of cylinder 4 Cylinder
Bore x stroke in mm 102 x 115 mm
Type of Fuel Diesel
Cooling system Water Cooled
Piston displacement 3.8 L


Maximum on cross country 24 km/h
Traveling speed

(km/h) on  road

45 Km/h

Hook Block

     (1)  Type 4 shaves
Reeve system, Double sheave block for four-part-line requirement. Downhaul weight and hook included standard
     (2)  Capacity (Metric tons) 15 Ton

Opetator Cabin

Operator Cabin All steel fabricated with acoustical lining and tinted safety glass throughout. Deluxe seat incorporates armrest-mounted electric dual- axis controllers. Dash panel incorporates gauges for all engine functions. Tilt steering wheel, cab circulating air fan, air condition, sliding side and rear windows, sliding skylight with electric wiper and sun screen, electric windshield wash/wipe.

10 tons Rough terrain crane

Electrical System

Volt 24 Volt
Battery (Volt and Ah) 2 x 12 V and 120AH
Alternator (Volt and Amp) 24 V and 50 Amp
Starter (Volt and Kw) 24V and 5 Kw

Safety Device

Safety device Voice alarm
Slewing stop system
Outrigger detector
Boom load holding valve system
Over hoist prevent system
Automatic brake all planetary system
Slewing lock
Hydraulic oil temp warning